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Q      4    /    2022

Sometimes you walk into a space and everything about it just feels right. It’s not one particular feature that appeals to your senses but the seamless interaction of every element that creates a feeling of perfect balance. This sense of contentment comes over you the moment you enter Nové From the beautiful intricate contours of the hand selected Travertine marble to the lightness-of- touch of the Swiss engineered slim-line sliding doors that glide effortlessly across their apertures.


Every single thing about the immaculate proportions and the sensitive design of Nové makes this a residence that appeals to the senses.

Welcome to Nove –the serenity of Sublime and considered form. Three levels of understated design that exudes opulence. Finishes that emanate a natural aura and soothing tones to calm the spirit.

You’ll find everything about the design, layout and finishes at Nové is geared to make it the ideal space to while away countless hours in the comfort of good company. From a balmy summer evening on the terrace to a lazy casual lunch at the kitchen counter, Nové is the perfect place to make it happen.